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Dr. T. Floyd Davis, Jr. World Mission Offering

Bro. Floyd Davis

Dr. T. Floyd Davis, Jr. was pastor of Caddo Heights / Woodridge Baptist Church from 1978 - 2012. Because of his love for missions and leadership in giving to missions, upon his retirement, the church honored Bro. Floyd by naming the World Mission Offering in his honor. During his first year as pastor (1979) the church gave a total of $4,599.42 to the three mission offerings. In 2004, Bro. Floyd proposed that we receive one combined offering in December collecting all three mission offerings. Because of his leadership we were able to give $1,347,739.00 to world missions in 10 years, or approximately $943,417.00 to Lottie Moon International Mission Offering, $242,593.00 to Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions, and $161,728.00 to Georgia Barnette State Mission Offering. At no time during our expensive relocation or since have we reduced the amount we give to the Cooperative Program or missions.

Woodridge Baptist Church is an active member of the Louisiana and Southern Baptist Conventions and financially supports mission efforts through giving to the Cooperative Program. Throughout the year we collect funds for our Dr. T. Floyd Davis, Jr. World Mission Offering which culminates in December. The funds collected through this offering go directly to mission efforts in Louisiana through the Louisiana Baptist convention (Georgia Barnette Offering), North America through the North American Mission Board (Annie Armstrong Offering), and around the world through the International Mission Board (Lottie Moon Offering). All funds collected support mission efforts directly through these three entities.

Our 2019 offering goal is $150,000.